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Explode into your targeted market on the World Wide Web with the ultimate SEO package.

With Search Engine Optimization done on all pages, multiple pay per click campaigns, backlinking and search engine submissions twice weekly, and many more, you can have peace of mind that you’ll be easy to find by your targeted market. With a high marketing plan on the world’s number 1 advertising platform, you can sit back and watch your business and client database grow.

  • New or Redesigned DESIGNER SITE
  • Blog page with posts four times per week
  • FFF Advertising Site for all your mounthly specials
  • On Page SEO for all of your web pages
  • Full SEO Tracking report every week
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign worth R2500
  • Backlinking Submissions twice per week
  • Twitter Interaction 8 times per day
  • Facebook Interaction 4 times per week
  • Google Plus Interaction 4 times per week
Engage Package
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